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XageValue Banquet/Set Menu is available for groups 4 or more. Please see menu in-store.

Take Away Special!
10% off total bill for take away!

Entree / Summer rolls (tap to show »)


1 Mixed crisp Vietnamese pickles, chilli, sesame 6.5
2 Vegetarian net spring rolls, green chilli sauce (v) 8.9
3 Crab, prawn & woodear mushroom net spring rolls 9.9
4 Chicken and shiitake mushroom spring roll fingers, nước cham 9.5
5 Shiitake spring roll fingers, ginger sauce (v) 8.9
6 Red chicken nem nướng skewers, nước cham 9.5
7 Chicken wings on bone in sticky nước mám marinade 8.5
(Spring rolls 6pcs/serve. Net spring rolls 5pcs/serve. Skewers 3pcs/serve)
Fresh rice paper rolls:
8 Roasted duck fillet rolls, hoisin peanut sauce 12.5
9 Stirred shiitake cabbage vegetarian rolls, green chilli sauce 10.5
10 Nha Trang-style marinated prawn rolls with nước chấm 12.5
(Fresh rolls 6pcs/serve. Sauces serve on side)

Salads (tap to show »)

1 Hội An papaya salad of BBQ duck fillet, basil, chilli dressing 21.5  
2 Marinated chicken salad, cashew nut, lemongrass dressing 18.5
3 Vietnamese 'slaw' of grilled prawns in chilli lime vinaigrette 21.5
4 Grilled Saigon-style prawns, fresh papaya, herbs 21.5
5 Bún bò salad of wok-tossed beef rump, herbs, vermicelli 18.5
6 Bún đặc biệt BBQ duck, spring rolls, chicken skewer, vermicelli 20.9
7 Bún vegetarian spring rolls, vermicelli, herbs, salad (v) 16.9
8 Bún crab/prawn woodear mushroom spring rolls, vermicelli 17.5
(Salads contain peanut. Vegetarian options available)

Mains (tap to show »)

Home-style Dishes 
1 Silken tofu with sichuan pepper salt and chilli (v) 18.5
2 Salt and pepper sliced whole squid, shallot and chill 19.5
3 Càri chay curry with potato, carrot, vegetable 18.5
4 Càri gà chicken yellow curry, potato, mint, shrimp paste 19.5
5 Slow-cooked pork shoulder thịt kho in pepper caramelised sauce 19.9
6 Slow-cooked spicy beef curry bò kho, lotus root 19.9
7 Crispy-skin pork belly in light salt and pepper seasoning (New) 17.5
Curries feature our own secret blend of fresh herbs, spices & sun-dried shrimp paste

8 Papaya and vegetable clear soup (optional vermicelli add $2.5) 14.5
9 Banh canh rice noodle sopu with soft bones, pork loaf, boiled egg (new) 18.5

10 Grilled chemical-free chicken maryland 16.5
11 Grilled Tasmanian salmon chả cá in turmeric, spices, pickles, herbs 23.5
12 Grilled Phú Quoc-style sliced whole squids 17.9
13 Grilled marinated Hunter Valley beef rump skewers 16.9

Wok-fry & Fried Rice 
14 Yellow fried rice with Asian & mixed greens (v) 16.5
15 Fried rice with nem nướng red chicken 17.9
16 Marinated grain-fed beef rump slices, betal leaf, butter soy 19.5
17 Wok-fried tofu tossed in greens, ginger sauce 17.9
18 Ginger soy chicken breast fillet and Asian & mixed veggies 17.9
19 Squid mực xào bí, wok-tossed in stirred egg & winter melon 19.5
20 Marinated prawn xả ớt, okra, veggies, lemongrass chilli sauce 21.5
21 Mixed seasonal greens xả ớt, lemongrass chilli sauce (v) 14.9
22 Diced cabbage and snow pea sprouts (v) 14.5

Note: Vegetarian or no-added gluten alternatives available on all wok-fry dishes. We'll try to accommodate most requests, but we can’t guarantee food is completely chilli-free or allergen-free due to potential of cross-contamination (traces may remain)

Dessert & Extras (tap to show »)

1 Mango ice cream with passionfruit topping 6.9
2 Cookie & cream ice cream, chocolate sauce, waffle, peanut cookie crumbles 8.9
3 Warm caramelised banana, mango ice cream, waffle, salted coconut caramel sauce, peanut praline cookie crumbles 12.5

BYO (wine only) /Corkage $3.5pp Sun-Thurs / $4pp Fri-Sat (banquet - free)
Cakage $1.5pp

We're licensed but BYO wine is permitted. BYO spirits and beer not permitted.

Drinks List (tap to show »)

Happy Hour! 
Happy Hour 5.30pm-6.30pm (liquor must be served with food purchase):
Any Asian beer or house wine 4.9
Any craft beer (Lazy Yak, Blue Moon & Cricketers Arms) 5.9

Wine List
Our selection of wines is focused and well-matched with our food. Good selection of wines available by the glass. Our wine changes seasonally, please see in-store for the current list. Sample selection:

House White - Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, SE Australia
821 South Sauvignon Blanc 2016, Malborough, NZ
Madame Nhu Pinot Grigio 2015, Margaret River, WA
House Red - Cabernet Merlot, SE Australia
Ingram Road Pinot Noir 2016, Yarra Valley, Vic
Madame Nhu Cabernet Shiraz 2015, SE Australia
Chain of Ponds Shiraz (cool climate), 2013, Adelaide Hills, SA
More wine coming soon!

Bia Hanoi, Vietnam 5.1%
333 Export, Vietnam 5.3% 
Singha, Thailand 5.0%
Asahi Super Dry, Japan 5.0%
Lazy Yak, Australia 4.2%
Blue Moon Belgium Wheat, USA 5.4%
Cricketers Arms Summer Ale, Australia 4.6%


We take responsible drinking very seriously. We reserve right to limit BYO or liquor purchases or refuse service. We may ask to see a valid ID when ordering liquor.

Menu, ingredients and prices may change without notice.

Our food may contain shellfish, dairy, nuts and eggs. Our food is generally wheat-free with the exception of spring rolls. However, soy sauce is used in some dishes. Please ask our staff for details.

We don't use MSG (glutamate). However, contrary to misconception, glutamate is safe and is usually present in sauces and seasonings of all cuisines (added or occurring naturally).

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